About Me

naturescurehub author

The Author is the degree holder in Biotechnology and studied extensively about Plants, Organic Products and their benefits.  In this modern world, everyone is busy with their regular activities and we are forgetting the basic health care which is essential to achieve our personal goals.  I have created this blog to help such individuals understand the products which will help them improve their lifestyle by adopting an organic approach. 


It is my profound feeling that one needn’t hold a degree to know about nature or Ecosystem we are living.  No degrees are required for a child to know or experience or feel the immense love of the mother.   Likewise, we are the children of the mother nature and it is a natural connection, we originated from Nature and we go back to nature which is a natural process. 


My only objective to start this blog is to educate people as much as I can and share my little knowledge of the natural and organic way of living.  I love to live close to nature and lead an organic lifestyle.  It’s high time for every one of us to take it as a personal challenge and fix all the issues one by one of our ecosystem and make this planet green and full of life.


Finally, my humble request to everyone is to live close to nature and lead an organic way of lifestyle.