Hair Regrowth
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Hair is one of the most precious and the incredible natural ornaments that no one can never take off.  It is the crowning glory and outstanding features of every individual. Hair doesn’t make the person but having healthy and beautiful hair enhances the beauty.  

At NaturesCureHub, we always post information after personal experience with positive results. Below listed Hair Regrowth methods are sure shot natural cure for hair related issues.


Hair is the endless beauty that every woman and man can own but remember one thing, care should be taken, beautiful hair comes with care. 

Great hair doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by the will and ability to maintain and care for it. 

The beautiful hair is not defined by how long it is, but the beauty of the hair is determined by its healthy texture and volume

So, love your hair and make time for it to get rid of hair fall issues and use below methods for hair regrowth.

Hair fall is not a chronic or stubborn issue as everyone thinks. It has a permanent and natural rescue if you are ready to pay some time very wisely by choosing appropriate natural hair care remedies and taking a healthy diet. 


Hair Fall Image

My only intention to write this blog is to inspire all that hair fall is very much curable.

If you wisely invest your time and money, say a big no to all chemicals and chemical treatments. And say a huge welcome to natural hair care remedies which don’t waste your money, most of the ingredients are readily available in our kitchen with no side effects. 

The below listed are more powerful, sure shot, natural and healthy cures for the hair problem to get resolved for both women and men.

Here I am not mentioning the quantity or measurements in particular. 

It varies from person to person depending on their volume and length of the hair.

I am  very confident that my viewer is wise enough to choose the ingredients in desired proportions. 

In this blog I am going to share only five natural remedies which are a miracle and magical cure for hair fall and other hair problems.

The reason is, there are many natural remedies and cures, all of them in one place makes the blog lengthy, boring and create turmoil for many to which method to follow.

So, dividing the topic into different blogs makes it more fascinating and easy. I will share all magical remedies for sure in my upcoming blogs.




Coconut Milk for Hair Regrowth

Coconut milk is packed with many vital elements like vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6, iron, calcium and many more which helps in the hair regrowth. 

It also aids in conditioning hair naturally by avoiding all other issues like dryness, split ends, dandruff and thinning, etc. 

It also contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.  

One of the excellent natural remedy to promote hair regrowth.


  • Take one coconut and break it down.
  • Separate the coconut from the shell and cut it into pieces.
  • Take a blender or grinder to make it into a paste by adding the required amount of water.
  • By using a strainer or cotton cloth extract the milk from the paste.  
  • Now the freshly prepared homemade coconut milk is ready. 

I always recommend you to use homemade products rather than processed or ready-made products.

 Those are full of chemicals and preservatives which doesn’t yield us the result very accurately.


  • Just take the fresh coconut milk like explained above, you can also add regular hair oil to it.
  • Apply to the scalp and hair till end uniformly and gently massage in circular motions at least for 10 minutes.
  • Once it gets absorbed into the hair follicles, leave it for about 30 minutes to one hour. 
  • Wash it with any herbal shampoo

We can do this regularly, trust me this will stop your hair fall and aids in hair regrowth. 

It can also remove tangles from hair easily and set then free and silky. 

You can also use coconut milk with other herbal ingredients to make the formula more powerful and to enjoy extra benefits.


It is also an excellent moisturizer and hair tonic to get rid of the dry and damaged hair conditions. 

  • Extract the fresh coconut milk.
  • Add castor oil or any other oils of your choice along with required quantity of lemon juice.
  • Mix it well till all the ingredients mixes well and form tonic like consistency.
  • Apply the above prepared mixture followed with hot towel steaming process.

This is a very great method to nourish and also to condition your hair with a natural remedy.

Use this superb coconut milk very often like every alternate day or twice in a week for best results. 

You can also combine with other ingredients of your choice.


The coconut milk can also be used for shampooing your hair

  • Use any herbal or mild shampoo and add coconut milk to wash your hair. 
  • If you are fine with adding egg white then you can add to the mixture and mix it well till all of them make a uniform mixture. 

This shampoo with full of natural and protein-based ingredients make your hair look magical and more healthy, lustrous and attractive with full of shine. 

A great remedy to condition your hair naturally.

Here I have mentioned only two best methods, you can try many other combinations based on your requirements and creativity.


Onion Juice for Hair Regrowth

Onions are the best and magical cure for hair loss, premature graying, baldness, dandruff, and other hair issues. 

This is a miraculous cure to keep check for all your hair problems in both women and men. 

Onion is very rich in antioxidants and sulfur content which helps to optimize the hair growth cycle. 

Rejuvenates the hair follicles and nourishes the scalp by avoiding the formation of DHT blockers which is the major cause for hair fall and also baldness

The onion juice has antibacterial properties that keep the scalp healthy.


 Onion juice can be easily prepared at home 

  • Take onions which are red and small in size because these onions are very good for hair.  They contain a high amount of sulfur and antioxidants which are great for hair growth. 
  • Just take onions depending on the length and volume of your hair.
  • Extract the juice from them using grinder, grater or just by smashing it. 
  • Now you can apply the freshly extracted juice to your scalp and massage it at least for about 10 to 15 minutes in circular strokes. 
  • Leave it for 20 minutes to 1 hour as per your convenience. 

This method is very effective and you can repeat this on alternate days.

Onion juice becomes more effective when it is combined with other ingredients. 

Like it can be used in combo with coconut oil, castor oil or olive oil.

 And it can be used with other juice extracts like potato, garlic, ginger, etc. It goes well with egg white also. 

So, choose your best combinations based on your comfort and availability. 

Therefore, start following these remedies without any procrastination and experience the beautiful hair and healthy hair naturally.


Fenugreek seeds pack for hair

The fenugreek mask is one of the most traditional miraculous and ancient masks. 

These little yellowish and brown colored seeds not only gives flavored aroma and taste to dishes.

It play a vital role to fight against hair problems like dandruff, dry, frizzy hair, hair thinning, etc.

It aids in detangling the hair naturally without using any harmful sprays or lotions. 

The reason why the fenugreek and yogurt mask is a miracle mask. 

It is absolutely a complete meal to your hair or simply a great food to hair.

 Helps in preventing the hair loss and makes the hair follicles strong.

 Mean while,rejuvenates the hair cells by promoting the hair regrowth.

It also helps to enhance the texture, volume of the hair.

It is a composition of many vital components like antioxidants, minerals, vitamins.

 It contains anti-inflammatory properties and plant estrogen.

Hence, play a vital role in maintaining the healthy scalp, increases the immunity of the hair follicles.

It also plays an important role in nourishing and locking the moisture of the hair.

The slimy or mucilaginous like consistency helps to give extra moisture to hair.

Therefore, hair will get lustrous and glossy texture naturally.

In combination with fenugreek seeds, yogurt is also a very great natural ingredient for hair.

The combination of both works superb for all the hair problems.


The miracle hair food mask is very easy to prepare at home.

All you need to do is follow the below method. 

  • Take the desired quantity of seeds and soak in water overnight 
  • After soaking them overnight the seeds will absorb water and turns soft and ready to grind. 
  • While grinding use the leftover water and yogurt or curd to make it into a soft paste-like consistency which can be applied easily to hair.
  •   Now the freshly prepared homemade healthy and natural mask is ready.

You can use this mask in different ways and can also add other ingredients to it.

If you like, take this mask you can add egg white, lemon juice, castor or coconut oil etc.

Now you can apply this to your scalp and the full length of your hair.

Leave this hair mask at least for one hour to get complete benefits.

After one hour use any herbal shampoo to wash it.


The next method is the fenugreek hair wash mask. This is very easy to prepare. 

  • Take the fenugreek and yogurt mask.
  • Add herbal powders like shikakai, aritha, hibiscus, amla, bhringraj, aloe vera etc.
  • whatever the herbal product good and suits for hair in small amounts.
  • For example, one tablespoon or whatever required quantity you choose to. 
  • Let it sit for 2 to 3 hrs.
  • All these products will get absorbed into the fenugreek paste.
  • It will become more powerful.  Now the natural hair wash is ready. 

NOTE: Before applying this hair wash mask make sure you apply oil to your hair properly.

  • Now you can apply this to your scalp and total hair, then leave it free for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Take one cotton cloth and cover it properly for about 30 to 45 minutes. 
  • Gently wash your hair with plain water. 

Repeat this method once or twice a week.  Trust me, your hair will become striking and healthy with this magical homemade natural hair wash. 


Aloe vera for hair mask

The Aloe vera is a succulent with immense benefits not only for body health and it also shows its magic in hair health.

Yes, it is not at all an exaggeration to say that aloe vera is the magical and superb plant variety used to treat many hair problems.

It is composed of many vital nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and enzymes etc. 

Therefore, helps to rejuvenate the hair cells and give them a boost to grow healthy and strong.

Hence it is considered as a natural healer for many hair issues.

Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes that aid to heal dead and damaged cells on the scalp.

The great thing which makes it further magical is that, the chemical composition of this herb is similar to that of keratin.

As we all know keratin is a very key protein in maintaining the hair healthy and makes each hair strand grow strong.  

We should be very thankful to this desert herb for its immense benefits. 

It is also meant for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Hence cure all hair issues like dandruff, dry and itchy scalp. 

It is one of the best natural conditioner which makes the hair look shiny and strong. 

It helps to lock the moisture content of the hair strands naturally.

This herb has many benefits for which it deserves a separate blog to mention all its important factors. 

I will come to you with the miracle benefits of aloe vera in my upcoming blogs.

I suggest all of you to use aloe vera hair mask for your hair very often.

This herb is very handy which can be grown easily with minimum to very low maintenance. 


  • To prepare the hair mask we only need the gel part. 
  • The very important note is that there are hundreds of varieties of this plant we should be wise in choosing the edible plant which is helpful for the health and hair. 
  • Among all the varieties Aloe barbadensis miller is the very edible one.
  • To prepare the mask just you need the gel. 
  • Take some stems based on your requirement and leave them in water with the cut end inside the water to drain out the yellowish sap. 
  • Wash them properly and take off the spiny edges on the sides with a knife. 
  • Remove the green part and collect the gel with the help of the spoon into one container. 
  • Take the extract and blend it in a blender to make it into a juicy like consistency. 

The freshly prepared aloe vera juice is ready, always I suggest to make aloe vera juice freshly and homemade to get full on benefits. 

This freshly prepared hair mask you can apply it as it is or else you can add other ingredients of your choice. Here are some other combinations with Aloe vera which you can try. 


  • Take the aloe juice and add desired hair oil of your choice such as coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, etc. 
  • Mix both the ingredients properly and this hair tonic is very much healthy for the hair.
  • Just take this mixture into your hand and apply it. 
  • Massage gently with the fingertips on your scalp for about 10 to 15 minutes and leave it for about 20 minutes to one hour.
  • Wash the hair with herbal hair wash. You can add lemon juice if you have dandruff issues.


In this method, just take freshly prepared aloe juice and add egg white to it and stir the ingredients properly till both of them turns uniformly. This combination is also a very miracle one. You can also add lemon juice.  


  • Take freshly prepared aloe juice.
  • Add yogurt or curd based on the availability.
  • Mix the ingredients properly, if you want you can also add lemon juice for extra shine. 
  • Now the mixture is ready to apply.
  • Just take the mixture in hand and apply uniformly throughout the scalp and gently massage it with your fingertips for about 10 to 15 minutes. 
  • After staying for about 20 minutes to one hour, you can rinse it using herbal hair wash.

If you cannot prepare the combinations, you can just apply the juice before and also after the hair wash. Make sure you will add this wonder herb in your daily hair routine to experience the magical hair benefits and make your hair more healthy and striking.

Here I have mentioned only three combinations but you can make many other combinations based on your convenience and availability of the ingredients.


Henna Hair Mask

Henna is one of the most wonderful natural products that everyone should get benefited from.

It is one of the best traditional and ancient, versatile hair masks which is a cure for multiple hair problems. 

It aids in healthy hair growth by maintaining the scalp healthy, conditions hair, maintains the pH levels naturally.

Hence avoiding all other inflammations. 

The main reason behind hair loss is the accumulation of chemicals and other toxins.

The other major reason is also due to high body temperatures which also effect the scalp.

The henna application gives the scalp a very relaxing cooling and soothing effect.

It helps to maintain the elasticity of the hair thereby avoiding the breakages and split ends.

It is not only used to cure the hair issues and also helps to enhance the beauty of the hair.

Hence, making it look more healthy, lustrous, vibrant striking.

Likewise, gives you a great texture which you cannot stop yourself from loving and kissing your hair.

Henna is the best solution to keep a check on all hair problems.


If you have this great herb at your home you are blessed. 

  • You can pluck the leaves wash them properly.
  • Blend it in a blender to make it into a paste-like consistency.
  •  If needed you can also add egg white and lemon juice to make this paste more powerful.  
  • Now the healthy homemade hair growth miracle mask is ready to apply. 

Instead, you can also use henna powder of any good brand which are available in stores or you can order online. The very basic method is follows:

  • Take the henna powder and add tea decoction. 
  • Make it into a proper paste and let it stay overnight in an iron bowl. 
  • In the morning before applying to hair add yogurt or curd, egg white, and lemon juice. 
  • In this way also you can prepare a henna mask with store-bought henna powder.  
  • Before applying the mask wrap your hands with gloves to avoid unwanted coloring of hands.
  • Now by taking partitions of your hair  apply uniformly to your scalp and total hair.
  • Make it into a proper bun and wrap it with a head cap.
  •  If you are using this mask for conditioning, you can leave it 45 minutes and then wash with any herbal shampoo.
  • If you are using it for coloring, I suggest you keep it for about 3 hours then wash it with plain water.
  • The next day after proper oiling of the hair, you can use any herbal shampoo to wash your hair.

Many combinations go great with henna to give healthy nourishment to hair.


The henna powder can be added with all herbal powder for better results.

Amla powder, hibiscus powder, bhringraj powder, and licorice powder, etc. 

All the powders along with henna make the great formula of hair growth and it acts as a complete meal to our hair.

All these herbs are magical in curing all the hair problems. The formula play an important role in promoting hair growth too.

You can also find this formula ready-made in branded Ayurveda shops which you can go for it happily.

Otherwise, you can prepare this formula at home just by adding the proper quantity of these powders depending on the quantity you need. 

  • Add one tablespoon of each powder into the henna powder. 
  • Give it a proper mix so that all the powders form into a uniform mixture. 
  • Make this into a paste by adding warm water or tea decoction 
  • Leave it for about 8 hours in an iron bowl. 
  • Before applying on hair, add yogurt or curd and lemon juice. Don’t make it too thin or thick paste, it should have a proper paste-like consistency to apply.


Beetroot Juice

This is also a very great combination to get hair  properly conditioned. It also enhances the beauty of hair by giving vibrant color.

  • Take the henna powder and add beetroot juice. 
  • Mix well to make it into a proper paste 
  • Leave it overnight in an iron bowl. 
  • In the morning before applying you can add yogurt or curd and lemon juice based on the consistency.  
  • Now, this miracle mask is ready to apply. 
  • You can apply this to your scalp and hair uniformly.
  • After leaving the mask for about a few minutes to a maximum of 3 hours wash it with plain water.


This is a very important tip to follow, after applying any hair mask especially paste-like consistency hair masks, must be warped with head cap. 

The paste will become very hard after some time.  At the time of washing it becomes very tough and also damages your hair due to heavy rubbing. We can also spot heavy hair loss.

So, never forget to wrap your hair after applying the hair mask.

I suggest you wrap a cotton scarf or cloth and on top of this cloth you can put on a head cap.  

Please watch my YouTube video which clearly explains about how you can apply a Flax Seed Gel to your Hair:



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