Indoor Air purifying palms
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The indoor palms are wonderful plants which helps in interior landscaping and increases the sense of aesthetics and the best part is these palms rewards you with improved air quality by filtering the carcinogenic chemicals, indoor air pollutants, molds and airborne toxins.  The indoor palms are natural, best indoor air purifiers approved by NASA clean air study.  These palms are very effective in cleaning the various carcinogenic chemicals like formaldehyde, ammonia, carbon dioxide, xylene, benzene, trichloroethylene and toluene.

Palms give a wonderful tropical feeling to the indoor garden.  They are bold houseplants that command attention.  Palms are very attractive and striking indoor plants which are popularly known as ornamental plants, with their exotic and boldly textured foliage.  Palm leaves are also known as fronds, which are in different shapes like fan (palmate) or feather (pinnate) shaped.  The triangular leaflets of fishtail palms (Carrycot species) resemble the tail fin of a fish.

There are many various types of palms, here we are going to know about some of the popular and familiar varieties which are used to enhance the air quality and aesthetics of indoors.

Areca palm:

Areca Palm an indoor air purifying plant
Areca palm is a species of “Dypsis” genus that belongs from family of “Arecaceae”.  Commonly known as “Golden cane palm” and “Butterfly palm” which is scientifically known as “Dypsis lutescens” and “Chrysalidocarpus lutescens”. Areca palm is also known as the “seed palm”, it is an ornamental plant that helps to indoors, outdoors and lawns.

Areca palm is the most popular and familiar plant with multiple stems and leaves.  It is one of the top listed palms best for filtering out all carcinogenic chemicals and air pollutants.  According to the NASA clean air study and Dr. Wolverton Areca palm filters formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene and toluene from the air.

The Areca palm is the best natural air purifier, according to the NASA’s research on the clean air study the Areca palm is the top listed indoor plant and rated ‘8.5/10’ in filtering out the formaldehyde from the air.  This house plant is also referred as the best and most effective air humidifier. so, Areca palm is the best humidifier to maintain the humid levels in indoors like home or offices and maintain moist throughout dry periods as well as continually removing carcinogenic air pollutants from indoors.  One can replace their most cost effective artificial purifiers and humidifiers by replacing them with Areca palms.  In winters we feel  much unfavorable dry air conditions, in such conditions Areca palm plays a very significant role in putting moisture back in the air.

The Areca palm thrives well in shady indoor locations, it needs quite care and maintenance because it is sensitive plant.  Under watering or over watering is not good for this plant, watering the plant moderately at regular intervals by checking the moist content of the soil.

Areca palm is not toxic to humans, cats or dogs.

Lady palm:
Lady Palm
Lady palm is scientifically known as Rhapis excelsa, originated from Southern China and Taiwan.  It is a species of fan palm from the family Arecaceae.  The common names of Lady palm is Broad leaf lady or little lady palm, there are nearly 10 plus varieties of lady palms types are seen.

The plant has proven successful in removing air borne toxins within the home including ammonia, formaldehyde, xylene and carbon dioxide.  It makes the air in your home cleaner and safer to breath.  According to the NASA clean air study research Lady palm achieved exactly the same rating as the Areca palm though it is not effective at removing formaldehyde.  These type of house plants are said to be a good over all air purifier, removing most air pollutants.

This plant prefers partial sun all day and shade in winters, the Lady palms can tolerate low level of light, high amount of water in hotter months but never allow to stay the soil soggy and it can also tolerate a wide range of temperatures.

Lady palm is not toxic to humans, cats and dogs.

Bamboo palm:

Bamboo palm
Bamboo palm is scientifically known as Chamaedorea seifrizii, originated from Mexico and central South America.  It is commonly known as Bamboo palm or reed palm.  It is one type of  species belongs to the family of Arecaceae.

The Bamboo palm is used as an indoor plant because of its striking appearance.  Beside adding an aesthetic sense to the surroundings this plant in turn rewards you with fresh and safe air to breath.  Bamboo palm is the most beautiful indoor plant and adds elegance to rooms with its desirable height.  Bamboo palm becomes more striking with its long, drooping jade green leaves that grows on cane like stems.

It is one of the best top listed indoor air purifying plant which is very popular.  According to the NASA’s clean air study research the Bamboo palm is very effective in cleaning the carcinogenic chemicals and air pollutants specially formaldehyde.  It also eliminates benzene, carbon dioxide, xylene, chloroform and more.  It took third place all around for effectively filtering out all air pollutants including volatile organic chemicals and off- gases.  NASA air purifying score for the Bamboo palm is ‘8.4/10’.

The Bamboo palm is the plant which needs minimal care and maintenance, which thrives in low light conditions and can tolerate the temperature changes in the home.  It thrives indoors even in low light locations and adds an instant attraction to the surroundings.  You can seem them in hotels lobbies, office buildings and shopping malls.

Keep the soil moist, place the palm in free location with proper air circulation and mist occasionally to prevent pest.

Bamboo palms are classified as non toxic and safe to keep in a house with kids and pets.

Dwarf date palm:

The Dwarf date palm is scientifically known as Phoenix roebelinii, it is one of the species of the family Arecaceae.  It is commonly known as Dwarf date palm or Pygmy date palm.

The date palm is very effective and stylish looking house plant which brings tropical look with its striking appearance.  It is one of the top listed indoor air purifying plant which can effectively eliminate the chemical air pollutants, volatile organic chemicals and off- gases from the indoors.

According to the NASA’s clean air study research on indoor plants, they declared that the Dwarf date palm plays a very effective role in eliminating the formaldehyde and xylene from air.  Although it does not position at the top of the purifying scale when compared to its three palm relatives, make no mistake this date palm is very effective and remain stylish looking plant to both cheer up the design of the place it has added and by removing the all types air pollutants.

Dwarf date palm is more tolerable and easily adaptable indoor plant.  It requires low care and maintenance.  This palm grows best in bright indirect sun light.  keep the soil moist all the times but not soggy.

The score of Dwarf date palm for its efficiency in air purification is ‘7.8/10’.  The date palm is very effective in removing the formaldehyde and it works great in combination with other air purifying plants.  It has the second highest removal rate after the fern plant.

It is not poisonous to people, cats and dogs.

Parlor palm:
Parlor Palm
The Parlor palm is scientifically known as Chamaedorea elegans, it is one of the species of the family Arecacea.  It is commonly called as parlor palm or parlour palm, other names of this palm are like Neanthe bella, Collinia elegans.

The foliage of the palm is very similar to that of Bamboo palm.  It is a small indoor plant with several single stems that don’t form clumps.  The Parlor palm is a popular house plant because it is very attractive, easy to grow and it can add to less spaces even as it requires very less space.

According to the NASA’s clean air study research the parlor palm is also listed as one of the indoor air purifying plant and the rating of parlor palm is ‘4/10’, the only draw back is that the parlor palm is not very effective at removing air pollutants like other popular plants.

It became popular for its easy going nature, Parlor palms plant is very attractive and adds elegant look to places. It can thrive in low light conditions, the perfect location is bright areas with indirect sun.  Under watering the palm is better than over watering.

Parlor palm is not poisonous to people or pets.

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